The Narnia Arts Academy is the brainchild of Cristiana Pegoraro whose goal is to mix music, art, education and tourism, by uniting culture and geography in an innovative interdisciplinary initiative aimed at the dissemination and comprehension of the arts and understanding of the cultural, architectural and historical heritage of the Umbrian region.

Narnia Arts Academy runs a very intense activity in the schools, embracing from the elementary to the high schools.

The various outreach programs take place directly in the schools and include an active student participation at the different projects, aimed to increase their comprehension and appreciation of classical music.

Narnia Arts Academy school projects take place during the winter and spring months, generally from February to May.


In July, in collaboration with the City of Narni, Narnia Arts Academy presents the Narnia Festival, a big celebration of arts, music and culture offering performances by world-renowned artists and the best of educational programs on an international level.

Narnia Festival’s performances combine tradition and innovation in balanced harmony between music, dance, and theater, exhibitions, conferences, cultural activities, and excursions.
Regular participants are world renowned artists such as Katia Ricciarelli, Marcello Giordani, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Enzo Decaro, Enrico Vanzina, Barbara De Rossi, Samanta Togni, Carol Wincenc, Tali Roth, Silvia Duran, Luc Bouy, Pablo Garcia, seen in performances ranging from classical music to opera, from sacred music to jazz, from ballet to tango and flamenco.

The Narnia Festival training embraces a great variety of opportunities of the highest quality, featuring teachers from the most important international schools and universities (including The Juilliard School in New York, Mozarteum – Salzburg, Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst – Vienna, University of Miami, Accademia Teatro alla Scala, Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia) and a participation of over 250 young students each season.


The programs include:

During the past eight years, Narnia Arts Academy saw the participation of over 6.000 young students.

Narnia Arts Academy’s programs are under the patronage of Comune di Terni, Comune di Narni, Provincia di Terni and Regione dell’Umbria and are partially sponsored by Fondazione CARIT and Fondazione Cultura e Arte.


  • Cristiana Pegoraro President & Artistic Director
  • Eraldo Bordoni Vice President
  • Lorenzo Porzio Music Director and Coordinator Junior Program
  • Alessandro Muller Festival Manager
  • Lana Ivanov Educational and Artistic Administrator
  • Kathi Kleiner Educational Coordinator
  • Patrick Jovell Coordinator for Scandinavia
  • Andrea DelGiudice Director International Vocal Arts Program
  • Paolo Sebastiani Accountant
  • Avi News Press Office
  • Andreina Santicchia Coordinator
  • Mariolina Malafoglia Secretary
  • Paolo Ledda Webmaster